Baby Barn Owl

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The barn, or screech owl is the perhaps the best known owl because if its beautiful pale face and associations with people. It is a most useful bird, dieting on rats, mice, voles, shrews and beetles and it can sometimes be seen by road verges which are one of the few remaining places it can hunt for voles.The barn owl glides silently like a noiseless shadow patrolling its rounds at dusk, punctuating the quiet with its eerie screeches. It is the ghost-like owl of folk tales, said to appear or call the name when someone is about to die. In the day time it roosts in a regular spot sitting bolt upright, and if displeased will lower and swing its head with a loud hiss. It uses its long talons for grasping prey but it also fights with its feet, even throwing itself on its back to fight off an attacker. It lives in old buildings, church towers, and house gables as well as hollow trees, but sadly the numbers of this most beautiful and spectacular of owls have decreased greatly with the loss of its nesting places


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