Common Gull sitting

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This dainty seagull takes three years to mature and is not as common as might be expected because it has a curiously local distribution which is not well understood. Usually it deserts England and Wales in the spring, returning in July and August. It breeds in colonies mainly in the north and west on moors and lakes inland, as well as coastal cliffs. In the south there have been small colonies near Dungeness and Anglesey but overall the numbers are declining. In winter it can be seen in abundance feeding in grassy fields in some counties of England, yet it can be completey absent in adjacent counties. It is a clever and omnivorous feeder, dancing in shallow water to bring up worms and molluscs, and smashing shell by dropping them onto rocks from a height. It is also a graceful swimmer in pursuit of fish and has a relaxed sailing flight, turning effortlessly with the air currents.


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