Leaping dolphin

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Dolphins in British water often gather in schools of up to 30 individuals, and although once fairly common they are now threatened by coastal pollution and by capture in fishing nets, particularly with pair trawling as a recent study in Guernsey showed. In warmer waters tuna fishing sadly kills many dolphins because they follow the large shoals. Studies have shown that dolphins are extremely intelligent and can learn new tasks as quickly as many humans. They can also invent new strategies and
pass the learning onto others. One famous dolphin named Kelly in Mississippi learned to hide fish from feeding time and use it to lure and catch seagulls when her keeper was not there, a game which she passed on to her calf who taught other calves..seagull baiting become the hot game. They are very friendly and inquisitive creatures and often play alongside boats, with much leaping or ‘spy hopping’ to get a better look, and ‘bow- riding’, hitching a free ride in the wake


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