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Lepus Europaeus is widespread in England and Europe, except in N. Scotland where mountain hare is found. Hares are noctrural, resting in forms by day and venturing out at night to eat young shoots and herbs. The famous ‘mad March’ hare boxing in the fields in spring is not males sparring as often believed but actually unreceptive females fending off amorous males. Hares can reach 45 mph but sadly the hare is the only animal to be classed as game with no closed season for breeding, so it has very little protection. As well as hunting, numbers have been reduced by the loss of many grass habitats through the intensification of agriculture. The brown hare is believed to have been brought to Britain by the Romans who associated it with Venus, maybe because of its nocturnal habits and fertility. All over the world there are myths celebrating the cleverness of hares and associating them with goddesses and the moon.


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