Sea bass bunch

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Dicentrachus labrax is a beautiful, bristling predator regarded as the premier marine sport fish in the United Kingdom. It is widespread in all warm European seas and in the UK mainly in southern and western coastal waters, but as a result of global warming its range is increasing northward is now frequently found in the North Sea. The predatory Bass uses its great speed to capture smaller fish and prawns, swimming fast with fins clamped down, but as soon as it brakes the spiny dorsal fin rises to maintain stability.

Bass are slow-growing and long-lived fish. A fish from UK waters weighing 10 pounds would probably be 20 years old, though it could be between 13 and 30. Fish grow faster in warmer waters, but their life span may be shorter. The age of a bass can be determined by reading the rings on its scales, in a similar way to aging a tree.


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