Snipe flying

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40cm high

(Gallinago gallinago)
The common snipe, still a game bird, is a bird of moor, fens and wet grasslands with a remarkable long sensitive bill, which it uses to dig deep for the worms which are its main food. Because of this its numbers have been greatly affected by drainage schemes and ploughing of traditional grassland, and most breeding pairs are now found on nature reserves and the Ouse Washes. The snipe is secretive and well camouflaged by its lovely stripes, with a unique zig zag flight when disturbed or escaping guns. An evening feeder like ducks, snipe hide most of the day in thick cover near water, and rise in small groups called ‘wisps’ to move to ditches and ponds to feed at dusk. Snipe are famous for their spring display flights of ‘drumming’, a booming note made by air rushing through their stiff tail feathers in a fast angled descent. They nest in grass lined cups in rushes, long grass or heather, with beautiful reddish barred chicks.


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